Panels are fixed directly, by flat head self-tapping screws, resistant to corrosion. 0.5mm screws should be used on the surface of the panel with a space of 200 to 250 mm, and must be placed from the center to the edge of the board, and under no circumstances should be placed in every corners, only in the center of the board.

The distance between the metal uprights is a maximum of 600mm for a 10mm thick panel for walls and spacing of 350mm for ceilings, for the plates union, the finishing joint must have approximately 4mm for contraction and expansion.

For the panels interior, we suggest to use fireproof rock wool as an acoustic insulator.

Joints Covering 


Apply only suitable materials, specific for joints, approximately 4 mm wide.

Use a 50mm joint mass and apply perforated fiber tape to the opening. 

Completely seal the surface with filler materials and finish according to the plasterboard joints method. 

The mass at the surface must stay smooth, and its very important to wait for it to dry. Apply mass for the second time, this time a 200mm joints mass for the second time. When the joints mass gets dry, they are ready to be sanded.

The wall sheet is now ready for plastering or painting.

We are available to provide all guidance related to best materials and practices for joints covers on MAGNÉSIOPAN® sheets.



No specific tools are needed to install MAGNÉSIOPAN® sheets, it can be sawn, drilled, nailed, screwed and planed like normal wood. Once installed, they will have an exceptional longevity superior to all constructions using methods based on plasterboard. 



Handling the boards by only one person is forbidden. All sides and corners must be protected.

The boards must be lifted by two persons with both hands reaching out as far as possible to give more stability this way avoiding over-flexing the board.

Handling must be done vertically. When the board thickness is less than 8 mm, it is suggested to handle two boards at a time.

Make sure the bottom of the place where you put the first board is smooth, the height of each pile is less than 1mts high and the storage less than 3mts. The boards must be placed horizontally and stacked in a specified manner.

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